State Welfare Organization (SWO) one of the most supportive public organizations help disabled and underprivileged people of the society through public budget. This organization initiated after the victory of Islamic revelation by combination of related active charity and supportive organizations.

After studies by dear martyr Dr. Ali Fayazbakhsh 16 organizations, societies & institutes were merged to give birth to SWO based on the bill dated 15th July 1980 and to realize articles 3rd, 21th & 29th of constitution of I.R. Iran. The goal of SWO¸ preserving high values and human dignity and lean upon people participation and close cooperation of related orgs.¸ is to give noninsurance services and supports in order to develop habilitation, rehabilitation, supportive and disabilities and social injuries prevention services in addition to aid for providing the minimum essential needs of low income people.

Based on legal structure of the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security in July 2004 SWO, Social Security and Health Insurance Organizations were separated from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and joined the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security.

The Act of establishing the Ministry of cooperation¸ Labor and Social Welfare was passed at open session of Islamic Consultative Assembly on 29th June 2011 and approved by Guardians Council on 2/07/2011. According to this Act all the duties of three ministries of cooperation¸ Labor and Social Security are devolved to the new Ministry of cooperation¸ Labor and Social Welfare.